Headlight Replacement

What is Headlight Replacement?

Headlights provide night vision and daytime visibility. Headlights come in various types, such as halogen, xenon, LED, and HID, varying in brightness, color, projection, and price. While bulb technology and reliability has improved much over the years, none last forever. Polycarbonate headlight lenses tend to degrade over time, reacting chemically with exhaust compounds and by ultraviolet light from the sun.

A blown headlight bulb is the most common problem requiring headlight replacement. Halogen bulbs tend to last around 750 hours, while HID bulbs tend to last around 2,000 hours. Some non-HID xenon bulbs have been known to last up to 10,000 hours. Usually, headlight replacement of this type requires only basic hand tools and a delicate touch, so as not to dirty the bulb or break the filament.

Stones and impacts might result in a cracked headlight lens, which would also require headlight replacement. Headlight condensation, caused by cracks or poor sealing, might also require replacement. This is significantly more expensive and intensive than simply replacing a bulb.

In many cases of headlight yellowing and “fogging,” headlight replacement may not be required, as headlight restoration can remove the chemically-altered surface and restore clear lenses. A well-done headlight restoration is significantly less expensive than headlight replacement, restoring over 95% light transmission and night visibility.

Why is Headlight Replacement Important?

Your vehicle has several illuminating systems, such as marker lights, turn signals, brake lights, headlights, and taillights. These lighting systems serve to improve your visibility to other drivers and communicate your intentions to them. If you can’t see and be seen, you could easily become a danger to yourself and to others, which is why headlight replacement is so important.

Headlights serve an even more critical function, improving your vision at night and your visibility to other drivers, both day and night. The typical low beams projects up to 200 feet down the road, and some high-beam headlights over 350 feet. On a sunny day, headlights are visible to other drivers up to a mile away.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

If you’re noticing night vision problems, such as a blown bulb, dim bulb, or reduced night visibility, your vehicle may need headlight replacement. Many times, a headlight bulb will solve the problem, but sometimes there may be a deeper problem, perhaps electrical or related to polycarbonate degradation. Stop in one of Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers’ 43 locations for a professional recommendation.

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