Shocks & Struts

A vehicle shock absorber is designed with a single purpose: keeping the car from bouncing.  Struts are a structural part of the suspension system and are mounted to the vehicle chassis on the top, and they come down through.

Struts need to be replaced when any of its components wear out –

no different than an oil filter, brakes, or spark plugs.  Much like your brakes and spark plugs, struts are in continual use as you drive, bearing the entire weight of your vehicle, which leads to components wearing out over time.  The shock absorber component does its work by using the force of a bumpy road to push a fluid from an internal chamber, through an orifice, and into another chamber.  It does this as its internal piston is travelling up and down, and so it requires seals to keep the fluid where it is supposed to be while parts are moving all around it.  These seals wear out eventually, either by leaking fluid externally, or by leaking internally, allowing too much fluid to pass too easily from one chamber to another, and so reducing the amount of force the shock absorber can use up.  The mount component uses a bearing to carry the weight of the vehicle while allowing the wheels to turn.  It also uses molded rubber between the strut and the vehicle to further dampen vibrations.  If the bearing wears out or the rubber gets old and cracks or tears, the mount will need to be replaced.  The spring should be the longest lasting of the three components, since it is one solid piece of metal that is tempered to be able to extend and contract many times.  However, if the shock absorber component is bad, the spring is hit with much more force than it is designed to, and will wear over time to become weaker than on average.

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