Diagnostic Services

What are Diagnostic Services?

If you’re having problems with your computer, you take it to a computer technician, so it’s understandable that, if you’re having problems with your automobile, you take it to an automobile technician. Today’s automobile technicians don’t simply “repair” what’s wrong, but need to properly “diagnose” the problem beforehand. This is just as true for electronically-controlled systems as it is for “simple” brakes and suspension. Generally, diagnostic services are an in-depth consideration of the electronic controls handling your car’s electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems.

Why are Diagnostic Services Important?

It’s only reasonable to conclude that, because the modern automobile is such a complicated machine, there are many ways in which it can fail. Noises, performance problems, and fuel economy problems are just a few of the symptoms that the modern technician may need to address on your vehicle. There are a great many car problems that are fairly straightforward to diagnose and repair. A headlight out might simply need a new bulb, or a squeaky belt may need an adjustment.

However, with the introduction of electronic systems, some car problems have become more complicated to diagnose and repair. Whereas engine fuel injection and ignition systems used to be electrical or mechanical, their function is now completely electronic. Even so-called “simple” systems, such as power windows and air conditioning, are now electronic. Warning lights or warning messages may be the only indication that you have a problem, and you may or may not even notice your vehicle acting any differently. This is when you need to call on a diagnostic services specialist.

Why Might You Need Diagnostic Services?

There are a number of reasons you may need diagnostic services for your vehicle. Here are a couple:

  • If you have a check engine light or service engine soon light, basic diagnostic services would include scanning your vehicle’s computer system for diagnostic trouble codes and then diagnosing the reason for them.
  • Even without a malfunction indicator lamp or fault message, you may experience poor engine performance, poor fuel economy, or other issues that would require a technician to scan your vehicle’s computer system to see how it is running. Such data is critical to understanding why your vehicle is acting the way it is.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

At Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers, we offer top-notch diagnostic services, based on two critical factors – diagnostic equipment and trained technicians. First, each shop uses the latest diagnostic tools available, such as scan tools, gas analyzers, and specialty tools. Then, each shop employs ASE-Certified automobile repair technicians, each one masters of their field. Using these tools, along with years of training and experience, our technicians can get to the root cause of whatever problem you are experiencing with your car. Then, once the fault is identified, a repair can be suggested.

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