Air Conditioning Service

What is Air Conditioning Service?

Most vehicles are equipped with air conditioning systems, a complex system of tubes, hoses, and radiators, using a compressor to pump refrigerant through the system and sensors and switches to monitor and control it. Air conditioning service is often suggested in Spring and Fall, right before the seasons they’ll be required the most. The typical air conditioning service involves checking system pressures to see they are in the proper range, and looking for an appropriate temperature drop inside the cabin.

Using an air conditioning recovery-recharge machine, a technician removes and filters refrigerant from the system, then confirms the system doesn’t have any leaks. After recharging the air conditioning system with the proper amount of refrigerant and compressor oil, sometimes adding an ultraviolet-sensitive dye, the technician checks to see that the compressor is working properly and system pressures fall within normal tolerances.

If there’s a problem, air conditioning service may need to go deeper, perhaps identifying the source of a leak or diagnosing an electrical problem. After a thorough diagnosis, your technician may recommend additional air conditioning services, such as air box cleaning, hose or tube replacement, O-ring replacement, or compressor clutch service. A thorough air conditioning service may also address other engine problems, such as drive belt or serpentine belt tension or condition or engine overheating problems.

Why is Air Conditioning Service Important?

The air conditioning system is essentially a heat pump, pulling heat energy from inside the cabin and dumping it outside the car. A side benefit of the cooling process is that it also pulls water out of the air. Both air conditioning system functions benefit the driver in two important ways. By keeping your air conditioning system working properly, you’re a more comfortable and safer driver.

First, air conditioning “cools” the air, making driving in warm weather more comfortable for driver and passengers. Driving cool keeps you alert and happy, no matter what the season.

Second, air conditioning “dries” the air, which makes defogging the windshield, such as during Summer storms or Winter mornings, much easier. Defogged windows are easier to see through and keep clean, making you a safer driver.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

We’ve been serving the St. Louis area for over forty years with the best automotive services around. With 43 locations, competent air conditioning service is closer than you think. Our ASE-Certified Air Conditioning Technicians use the latest air conditioning diagnostic tools and repair equipment to service your air conditioning system. Our eco-friendly recovery and recycling systems keep the environment safe from refrigerant emissions.

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