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Evolution H/T

Quiet tread design: Sizing and positioning of tread elements minimize tire noise 3D micro gauge siping: Full depth sipes provide stability and traction in both wet and dry conditions Stabiledge performance enhances handling for a crisper response Optimized water channels evacuate water from the tread reducing the potential of hydroplaning Tread Life Limited Warranty: 60,000 mile
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Evolution Tour

Evolution Tour

The Evolution Tour is an all-season tire that allows you to tackle the seasons with confidence and gives you the smooth and comfortable ride you depend on. It has a fuel efficient design with long tread life.

Stabiledge Performance enhances handling and dry traction stability.

Tread Profile has modern touring tread compound and provides even wear and long tread life.

3D micro gauge siping with full depth and variable sipe density helps maintain wet traction and stability.

Limited treadwear protection warranties: All T-rated tires—65,000 miles, H & V-rated—60,000 miles.

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Zeon RS3-G1

3D micro-guage sipes helps maintain stable shape during acceleration, braking and cornering, which enhances grip and traction in all-seasons.

Silica compound: Competition-grade resin that enhances wet traction and gives an advantage you can feel on the road.

Wear square indicator: Visual wear indicator allows you to quickly see the approximate tread life remaining on your tires.

Eligible for the free 45-Day road test. Tread Life Limited Warranty: 50,000 mile.

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Discoverer AT34S

The Discoverer AT34S is Cooper’s all-terrain tread design for SUVS and light duty pick-ups.  The Silica-based all-weather compound matched with Secure-Grip all terrain tread design adapts to a wide range of conditions and temperatures to provide best-in-class all-season traction.  The Secure-Grip is a specially designed 5-rib all-terrain pattern to improve wet and dry traction and provide greater off-road driving capability.  Patented saw-tooth technology traps snow in the tread to provide superior snow traction.  Aqua Vac Channels are unique shaped, deep center grooves which improve the tire’s resistance to hydroplaning.

Backed with a 65,000 mile tread wear warranty.

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Discoverer AT3LT

The Discoverer AT3LT is designed with Durable-Tread Technology that helps prevent shredding.  The shred-resistant compound coupled with proprietary all-terrain tread pattern generates superior cut and chip capabilities. The AT3LT tires have an improved ability to withstand damage that comes from the ongoing assault of dirt and gravel, as well as help you to haul heavy loads with less wear.

Backed with a 60,000 mile tread wear warranty.

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Discoverer AT3XLT

The Discoverer AT3XLT is a durable All-Terrain for aggressive on/off road use.  Cooper’s Durable-Tread Technology equips the AT3XLT for ultra-endurance, while rugged traction biting edges built into the shoulder give you fierce traction and grip to trek through thick mud or loose soil.  These tires will give you the strength and confidence to tackle anything that confronts you.

Backed with a 60,000 mile tread wear warranty.

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Discoverer HT3

The Discoverer HT3 was designed as a premium light truck commercial highway rib tire that provides trusted all-season performance. A silica infused tread compound and full depth 3D enhance highway performance in all seasons throughout the life of the tire. The tread design of the HT3 helps resist abnormal treadwear that is common with commercial vehicles where constant starting, stopping and turning are the norm.

Backed by a 50,000 mile tread life limited warranty.

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Cobra Radial G/T

The Cobra Radial G/T is Cooper’s all-season cosmetic performance tire for buyers who prefer raised white-letter styling in an all-season tire. Especially popular with drivers of older domestic “muscle cars” who still want to retain the characteristic “look” of their vehicles. Available in a wide range of sizes.

Backed with a 50,000 mile tread wear warranty.

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CS5 Touring T/H/V/W

A premium all-season tire crafted with leading technology and innovations that meet the needs of today’s consumers.

  • Wear Square Visual Indicator of 5 stages, which provides confidence of knowing the approximate remaining tread life and indication of correct alignment.
  • Advanced compound formulation allows for four times the amount of silica, which improves wet handling, braking and fuel economy.
  • 3D Micro-Gauge Sipes and increased biting edges improve handling and traction.

The all-season CS5 tire fits a wide range of passenger cars, minivans, small SUV’s and crossovers (CUV). Limited treadwear protection warranties: All T-rated tires—80,000 miles, H & V-rated—70,000 miles and W-rated—50,000 miles.

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Discoverer H/T Plus

An all-season tire with a quiet ride. The Discoverer H/T Plus is an extension of the Discoverer H/T SUV/ light truck touring line that features sport truck and original equipment sizing in a non-directional platform. The slightly rounded mold profile balances wet traction and long tread life. This tire has a rubber rim protector that extends beyond the rim flange, which reduces the chance of rim damage.

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Discoverer SRX

The Discoverer SRX blends innovative technology and advanced engineering to deliver confident all-season performance.

  • Wear Square Visual Indicators, which provides confidence of knowing the approximate remaining tread life and indication of correct alignment.
  • 3-D Micro-Gauge Sipes are an innovative technology that allows the tread elements of the tire to interlock which stabilizes the tread to maximize tread contact with the road surface.
  • The silica compound provides exceptional all-season performance, improves braking, reduces heat generated in the tire and lowers rolling resistance for better fuel mileage.
  • The SRX is designed to provide a long tread life, maximize ride comfort and improve tire efficiency for a wide range of CUV’s and SUV’s.

Limited treadwear protection warranties: All T-rated tires—75,000 miles, H-rated—70,000 miles and V-rated—65,000 miles.

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Discoverer S/T MAXX

The Discoverer S/T MAXX features Cooper’s proven and reliable 3-ply “Armor-Tek3 carcass construction combined with a new, proprietary cut and chip resistant tread compound. With that combination along with its modern hybrid 4-5 rib tread design and unique tread features, the S/T MAXX is destined to be a commercial grade traction tire that will perform in the toughest terrains while still offering remarkable on-road traction, stability and low noise characteristics.

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Discoverer STT PRO

Cooper’s proprietary and proven full 3-ply carcass construction in the tread and sidewall provides 50% more protection against impact. The STT PRO’s inner tread rib provides a number of benefits like: reducing road noise, increased stability and handling, superior mud traction, balanced wear and reduced tendency for vehicle drift. The tread compound is specially formulated to provide improved wet traction on-road and in slick situations encountered off-road. The asymmetrical scallops on alternating lugs direct mud into the mud scoops to allow the Discoverer STT PRO to pull through muddy terrains with ease.

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