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Coolant System Warning Signs

Close Up Of Service Warning Light In Car.

You may notice the warning light in your dashboard come on briefly when you start your engine and then disappear (this is normal), but if it stays on,  pay attention.  The wavy lines and thermometer are an indicator that an issue has been detected. It may be that the coolant level is too low.  If the warning illuminates while driving it could indicate a blockage, leak or a crack in the hose.  Excessive temperature can lead to costly damage if the cooling system isn’t maintained.  It’s also dangerous to remove the radiator cap from a hot engine, so if you’ve been driving, let the engine cool for at least 30 minutes before you check it, or consult a professional right away.  Be aware of these signs that attention is needed.

Your heater isn’t working.

If there is a blockage or a leak, your heater’s performance will be affected because they run off of the same coolant.


If you notice an orange, green or pink pool of liquid in the place your vehicle has been parked, it could be the sign of breakdown.  Antifreeze has a sweet smell, tacky texture and is toxic to pets and humans.

The temperature gauge appears high.

In normal scenarios, the gauge will be in the middle of the range.  If it is edging too far up or down, it could indicate a fault in your vehicle’s cooling system and should be diagnosed before damage occurs.


If you notice any of these warning signs, call or visit your local Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers to stay safe on the road and prevent unnecessary repairs.


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