The Right Time For These Three Vehicle Maintenance Services

mechanic with maintenance checklist

When it comes to your biggest financial investments like your car and your home, it is always best to be proactive about maintenance and repairs.

The reality is that, if you let your vehicle go too long between maintenance service appointments, you could find yourself with a hefty repair bill on your hands. You, of course, don’t want to be wasting money by having maintenance work too frequently either, which begs the question, how often should I be taking my vehicle in for routine maintenance? All owner’s manuals come loaded with details on maintenance checkpoints, but you can easily learn more about your specific vehicle by stopping into one of your local Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers to have your vehicle fully inspected today. Our team of expert and certified service technicians will set up the perfect maintenance schedule for your vehicle so that you can get the most out of it.

Here are our recommended timelines for three common vehicle maintenance services:

Oil Changes

Engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle. Engine oil functions by lubricating the moving parts of the engine to make sure that it stays cool and no moving parts collide with each other. If you leave your engine oil sitting for too long or, if you put too many miles on your engine between oil changes, your oil can coagulate and thicken, causing resistance and heat buildup. This thickened engine oil will not only reduce your fuel efficiency, but it can cause serious damage to your engine as components overheat and even melt. Depending on how old your vehicle is, how much you drive your vehicle, and the type of vehicle you drive, the need and frequency of an oil change will vary greatly. On average, most vehicles will need their oil changed between every 3,000-7,000 miles. Stop into one of your local Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers to set up your oil change schedule and ensure your vehicle stays running smoothly all year long.

Wheel Alignment

Over time, your wheels can shift and become crooked. When your wheels shift like this, your tires can lose their grip, drive in different directions, and wear down unevenly. In order to keep your tires wearing down evenly and your car driving well, you will need to have your wheels aligned regularly. On average, most drivers will need to have their wheels aligned every 2-3 years. If you notice your car pulling one way or another or drifting in a certain direction while your steering wheel is straight, you should get your wheels aligned right away.

Tire Changes

Tires can do a number of different things. The right tires can keep you safe in the snow, stable in the rain, or be durable through the heat of summer. If you have the wrong tires on your car, they will wear down much quicker than they should. If you live in an area with snowy winters, you should change your tires at the changing of the seasons. If your winters are mild and all-weather tires are stable enough for you, you need to change out your tires when the treads start to wear down. Depending on the quality of your tires, they could last anywhere from 25,000-50,000 miles.

No matter what tire products or automotive maintenance and repair services you are looking for, no one does it better than the team of experienced and professional tire and service technicians at Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers. With 42 store locations all over town, you can count on the Dobbs Team to get you in, up, fixed and out on the road — the same day!