Get To Know Your Car Battery

Close up of auto mechanic jumping battery car,check voltage level car battery.

Spring is finally here and with that comes the possibility of new getaways, road trips, and more miles on your vehicle. If you are planning to do any extra driving this spring, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready to handle all the additional miles you are going to throw at it. One of the most crucial components on your vehicle is the battery, and an older or unused battery could spell trouble for you and your passengers. If you are interested in learning more about how you can keep your vehicle running in top condition or have your battery checked, come into one of your local Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers today. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your battery.

Battery Basics

Your battery powers the electrical systems on your vehicle. From your heating system to your ignition system, it all starts from the battery, and if your battery is struggling, you could find yourself stranded without a working vehicle. Once you start up your vehicle, the battery will begin to gather charge as you drive. If you are worried that your battery might give out on you, it is a good idea to try to drive a few extra miles just to make sure that you generate enough charge to ensure that your car or truck starts up the next time you go to turn the key. Winter weather is extremely hard on your battery, and although we are officially heading out of winter, the damage may have already been done. We recommend that you get your battery tested to ensure that it is still capable of holding a strong enough charge to remain reliable.

What Battery Works For My Car?

There are a wide variety of batteries for different vehicles from lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles to traditional flooded lead-acid batteries. First of all, all batteries come in different sizes, and getting the right size to fit your mounting brackets and with the right orientation of terminals is extremely important. Incorrectly sized batteries may not properly sit in your vehicle, or might not even have terminals that will fit onto your cables.

Different vehicles will require different batteries, with certain performance vehicles requiring high-performance batteries and certain electric vehicles requiring very specific voltage capabilities. Before you go trying to replace your battery on your own, you should know that choosing the wrong size, voltage, or style of battery could do serious damage to your vehicle. To learn more or have your battery replaced in one quick trip, come into a local Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers today. Our team of expert and certified service technicians will make sure that you get all your vehicle needs taken care of in one quick trip.