Essential Vehicle Summer Maintenance Services

Summer is finally here and that means it’s time for sun, vacations, and road trips with the family.

This summer is truly one to remember as people are coming out of quarantine and taking to the roads more than ever as they look to get out of the house. If your car has been sitting more than usual or hasn’t been driven at all, you need to take the time to check your vehicle to make sure that it can handle the extra heat and stresses of summer trips. You can easily save yourself hundreds of dollars by taking this time to check your car now before any serious problems appear. Here at Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers, we are proud to offer complete and expert automotive service repair — including routine, preventive maintenance, diagnostic, and complex engine repair — for all vehicle makes and models. Visit your local Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers today.

Here are three essential summer car services that you should have taken care of before driving anywhere this summer.

Air Conditioning Service

Having a malfunctioning air conditioner in your car is a surefire way to ruin a good road trip. Depending on where you live or where you are going to travel to this summer, temperatures can easily rise into the triple digits. From full system replacements to recharges and system checks, our team of expert and certified trained service technicians can expertly evaluate potential issues with your vehicle’s air conditioning unit, and provide repairs, if necessary.

If you drive a late model vehicle, your air conditioning unit relies on a number of sensors, pipes, and switches to keep your car feeling cool and comfortable. If any one of these systems fails, your air conditioning could stop working all together. Our team of expert and certified service technicians will work quickly to diagnose the issue, repair any issues, and make certain that you don’t pay a dime more than you need to.

Oil Change

Your engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle. Oil works to keep the moving parts of your engine cool and free of resistance. Over time, engine oil can coagulate and thicken into a jelly-like substance that will hurt your engine’s fuel efficiency and could even lead to a catastrophic malfunction. Everything from simple overheats to fully blown gaskets and pistons can happen if you don’t change your oil frequently. Make sure that you take the time to check your oil level regularly and if you notice any oil leaking out of your vehicle, get it checked out immediately.

Air Filter Change

Your vehicle has a number of different filters including air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter. Each one of these filters work to remove harmful debris and materials from entering your engine. Your air filter blocks out dirt, dust, rocks, and sticks from entering your engine and causing serious issues. Your cabin air filter, on the other hand, makes sure that the air pushed into your vehicle’s cabin from your heater or air conditioner is clean and odor free. Make sure you change both of these filters regularly to keep your car comfortable and running smooth. Before you go out on your next road trip, adventure, or even just a drive to the grocery store, take the time to make certain that your vehicle is ready to handle the summer heat. Visit our team of expert and certified service technicians at any local Dobbs Tire & Centers today to get your vehicle running great all summer long.