Wiper Blades Replacement

What is Wiper Blades Replacement?

Wiper blades replacement can usually be broken down into three categories: wiper inserts replacement, wiper blades replacement, wiper blades upgrade. Depending on wiper blade design, wiper inserts, the rubber squeegee portion, might be replaceable. Wiper insert replacement takes just a few minutes and reuses the existing metal or plastic wiper blade frame. Wiper inserts replacement is a good idea if the frame is in good condition, because it’s less expensive than replacing the entire blade.

On the other hand, if the wiper blade frame is damaged or doesn’t feature replaceable inserts, such as many winter blades or beam blades, then full wiper blade replacement might be suggested. It’s somewhat more expensive, but will restore visibility as soon as they are used. Depending on seasonal or performance requirements, drivers may opt for upgraded wiper blades, such as beam blades or aero-blades.

Why is Wiper Blades Replacement Important?

On most vehicles, wiper blades are constantly exposed to the sun, whose ultraviolet rays lead to deterioration and eventual destruction. Wiper blades replacement is usually recommended at least every six months, depending on wiper blade wear and the season. Wiper blades replacement is usually done in pairs.

Wiper blades replacement is necessary in any kind of weather, be it sunny or cloudy, rainy or snowy. The reason is simple – if you can’t see, you can’t drive. It seems obvious that, in the rain and snow, you’ll use your wiper blades to clear your windshield, but even without a cloud in the sky, a good set of wiper blades will keep your windshield clear. Dust and road grime, not to mention dead bugs and pollen, can significantly impact your vision, but a quick spray of the windshield washers and windshield wipers can eliminate obstructions and glare.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

Keeping your vehicle running well is not all we do at Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers. We also keep you looking good and seeing good. In addition to our full lineup of maintenance and repair operations, which keep your engine and everything else running, we also offer services like wiper blades replacement to keep you driving safe, no matter the weather. Stop in one of our 43 locations today – we’re all over St Louis – and restore your vision, today.

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