Radiator Replacement

What is Radiator Replacement?

The radiator is a major component of the engine cooling system. While the water pump pushes coolant through the engine and radiator, via hoses, the radiator’s function is to allow heat to escape into the atmosphere.

To facilitate this heat transfer, from the coolant to the air, the radiator core, the working part, is made of thin metal, usually aluminum or copper, though some are still made of steel. The tanks on the ends may also be made of metal, but many new ones are made of plastic. If there is a problem with the radiator, radiator replacement may be necessary.

Why is Radiator Replacement Important?

There are a few reasons that a radiator might fail, requiring radiator replacement. Because the radiator is typically right out front, just behind the grille, road debris could clog the radiator core or damage the fins, reducing radiator effectiveness. Cleaning out the radiator with a pressure washer and adjusting the fins with a radiator comb can help, but this kind of damage isn’t usually noticed until it’s too late, such as when accumulated dust, dirt, and grime have encouraged corrosion and the radiator has started leaking.

Road debris or a minor accident may cause physical damage to the radiator, and it doesn’t take much to break the thin metal tubes that make up the radiator core or the plastic tanks. In case of a leak, radiator replacement might be needed to restore engine cooling system function and protect the engine from damage due to overheating.

In case of a leak on hybrid cars and some electric vehicles, a coolant leak may lead to overheating of expensive components, such as the battery pack or electric motor-generators. Prompt radiator replacement could save a lot of money in auxiliary repairs.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

Unless you see a coolant leak or are experiencing overheating problems, you might never know you have a problem requiring radiator replacement. Your regularly scheduled maintenance visits at Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers is the perfect time for an experienced technician to give your vehicle an inspection, part of which includes checking the radiator and cooling system for problems. If leaks or corrosion threaten the longevity of your engine or major electric vehicle components, cooling system function can be restored with prompt radiator replacement.