Coolant Transfusion

What is a Coolant Transfusion?

The engine cooling system serves a very important function, maintaining the proper temperature for performance and fuel economy. When the engine is too cold, such as the first start on a cold day, it doesn’t vaporize fuel as efficiently. If the engine is too hot, it can result in fuel vaporizing too quickly and lubrication breakdown. Either way, too hot or too cold, the engine doesn’t work properly and could be damaged. Over time, engine coolant breaks down, and many manufacturers suggest a coolant transfusion between 60,000 miles and 100,000 miles, older vehicles as often as every 30,000 miles.

Why is a Coolant Transfusion Important?

Engine coolant replacement can be a simple DIY job, but there are problems with the typical drain-and-fill procedure. First, it can be messy, resulting in spilled coolant, toxic to animals and the environment. Second, drain-and-fill procedures, even followed carefully, can result in air pockets. This can result in poor coolant flow, hot spots, overheating, and possible engine damage.

A coolant transfusion does the same thing as a drain-and-fill, but far more efficiently and cleanly, taking just a few minutes to replace engine coolant. The coolant transfusion machine has two tanks and a coolant pump, and tubes to connect to your engine’s cooling system. The pump forces new coolant into the system through one tube, while it recovers used coolant through another tube, depositing it into a waste tank.

After a coolant transfusion, clean coolant maintains your engine just as it always has done, refreshing hoses and seals. Because no air pockets are formed, this procedure prevents overheating problems associated with typical engine coolant drain-and-fill operations.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

Besides our tire services, we also offer a full suite of automotive maintenance, diagnosis, and repair services. When time comes for your next regular service interval, check whether your engine coolant needs to be changed. Aside from general mileage recommendations, if you have engine temperature problems or if the coolant looks discolored, it may be time for a coolant transfusion. Check with your local Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers ASE-Certified auto repair technician for a full engine cooling system checkup and service recommendations.

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