Compressor Service

What is Compressor Service?

The air conditioning system is nearly essential for a comfortable ride in any humid Missouri Summer and improves visibility by defogging windows in the Winter. The air conditioning compressor is the most critical component in the system, pressurizing the refrigerant and circulating it through tubes, hoses, evaporator, and condenser. Compressor service may be required if you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning system.

The air conditioning compressor is a compact unit, with inlet and outlet ports, internal pistons and valves, and a shaft to move the swash plate and pistons. Sensors detect pressure and speed, and seals keep lubricant and refrigerant from escaping the system. The belt-driven fixed-displacement compressor is cycled by an electromagnetic clutch, while constant-running variable-displacement compressor output is controlled internally. Hybrid vehicles use a high-voltage electric motor to run the air conditioning compressor.

Circulating with the refrigerant, lubricant protects moving parts and maintains seals. Most vehicles use PAG (polyalkylene glycol) oil, though some vehicles may use PAO (Polyalphaolefin) oil. Hybrid vehicles use POE (polyol ester) oil, because it is non-conductive, and older vehicles use mineral oil.

Why is Compressor Service Important?

To keep your air conditioning system working, regular compressor service is required. If your air conditioning system is working fine, then you likely don’t need compressor service, but if you are experiencing problems, compressor service may be required to restore full function. Here are a few reasons you may need compressor service:

  • A refrigerant leak could lead to reduced air-conditioner performance or complete failure. If seals are compromised, replacing them may be the only way to restore system integrity.
  • A worn compressor clutch could be slipping and making noise. Replacement of the clutch and adjusting the clearance will restore quiet operation.
  • A loose or worn drive belt may slip, make noise, or not drive the compressor, disabling the air conditioning system. Replacing or tightening the belt may restore operation.
  • If the compressor is internally worn, it may make unusual noises or even become completely immobile. In this case, replacement may be the only option.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers employs professional auto repair technicians, certified by ASE and masters of their trade. With training and experience, as well as professional tools and equipment and quality parts, they can make sure your air conditioning system is ready for whatever the weather throws at it. With compressor service available at all 43 locations, Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers keeps you comfortable and safe all year long.

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