Air Induction Service

What is Air Induction Service?

An air induction service, or intake cleaning, is a method of cleaning the air intake system without disassembling it. Using special chemical cleaning agents, deposits are dissolved for safe combustion in the cylinders. The air induction service could take up to an hour, depending on the severity of the deposits and how complex the air intake system is on your particular vehicle.

An air induction service is preferred to a full rebuild and individual parts cleaning, because it takes far less time and is far less expensive. Otherwise, intake cleaning could take several hours, if not days. Air induction service is often recommended for vehicles every 30,000 miles or if you are experiencing rough idle, poor performance, reduced fuel economy, or other intake system problems.

Why is Air Induction Service Important?

The air intake system on your vehicle is designed to bring in relatively cooler air, from outside the engine bay, and deliver it to the cylinders. Along the way, the air is cleaned by the air filter, measured by the MAF (mass air flow) sensor, controlled by the throttle, and maybe measured again by the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor, before flowing past the intake valves. Though cleaned, this air also carries oil from the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system and some other contaminants. In the hot environment of the engine, it’s no wonder that this ends up forming deposits throughout the intake system, particularly on the throttle body, idle air control, and intake valves.

These deposits interrupt air flow, impacting your engine’s performance and reducing fuel economy. By chemically-dissolving these deposits, optimal air flow is restored, improving idle quality, power output, and fuel economy.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

Problems in the air intake system can severely affect the quality of your ride, but a professional air induction service at Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers can clean out deposits and restore your engine to optimal performance. At any one of our 43 locations in St Louis, you’ll find trained and experienced engine technicians, specialists in drivability and engine performance diagnosis and maintenance. If you’ve been experiencing performance problems, rough idle or stalling, or decreased fuel economy, ask one of our experienced ASE certified technicians if an air induction service can restore it.

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