Air Filter Replacement

What is Air Filter Replacement?

Most automakers suggest engine air filter replacement annually, or every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, as a preventative measure. It may need to be replaced sooner, depending on conditions where you live and drive. It’s a good idea to inspect the air filter every time you have the engine oil changed. Air filter replacement is usually suggested when it’s clogged with debris, too oily from blow-by, degraded or falling apart, or if it’s been damaged.

The engine air filter is usually located under the hood in the air box, and usually doesn’t require more than basic hand tools to access. When considering air filter replacement, it is important to use a quality air filter that fits exactly in the air box. Installing the wrong air filter or installing it improperly is just as good as leaving it out.

Why is Air Filter Replacement Important?

Like you, your engine “breathes” air, using it to oxidize fuel and power your engine – the average 36-mpg car sucks in some 9,000 gallons of air per gallon of fuel, along with everything else that’s floating in the air. The engine air filter keeps dust, dirt, insects, and road debris from getting into your engine intake, where it can block sensors, clog valves, and foul spark plugs and fuel injectors. The engine air filter also keeps abrasive dust and dirt from contaminating the engine oil, where it would lead to excessive wear on metal parts in your engine.

Waiting too long to replace the engine air filter could choke the engine, depending on how much the air filter is stuffed, leading to poor engine performance. Regular air filter replacement ensures a constant supply of clean air to your engine. It’s never a good idea to “clean” an air filter with compressed air, as this can damage it. Besides, replacement is cheap insurance against more-expensive problems that contaminants cause.

What can Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers Do for You?

A good maintenance program is at the heart of any long-lived and reliable vehicle, from engine oil changes and air filter replacement to spark plugs, ignition wires, and coolant transfusions. Have your engine air filter inspected at your next oil change service, and a Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers technician will make an honest recommendation regarding its condition. Stop in one of our 43 locations in St. Louis – competent air filter replacement is closer than you think.

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